Is trying to hire new staff, a recurring headache?

bobs headacheAfter reading Janet Plante’s blog  I began to think about my experiences in visiting companies, the biggest challenge owners tell us, is they cannot hire enough new employees with the skills they are looking for.  They need to fill vacancies or increase their staff complement to tackle new contracts.  A majority of owners believe or know they will have trouble hiring.

For many owners, hiring and retaining employees is more than challenges to their daily operations but actual impediments to growing their businesses.

The competition in hiring employees is being made more difficult as more companies try to recruit from the same labor pools.  Companies are finding that they are reaching the point where the ‘willing and able’ workers don’t want to relocate.

I often wonder and have started asking business owners, the question “What if the focus is not solely on recruitment”?

What if companies looked at adopting the right technologies to maximize the value or productivity of their processes?  Buying new technology and increasing the skill levels of employees to use new technologies, may present a better balance than just doing recruiting.   It may be one of the best ways to grow your business and continue to be competitive.

The saying ‘A company’s most valuable asset is its people’, does not have to mean automatically hiring more people.  Studies show that most companies, over time, develop inefficiencies in their processes:  what if, those inefficiencies were removed?  Could you get more of the same work done without hiring more people?  Could you increase your bottom line by improving your processes and thereby reduce wasted time?

Sometimes getting a handle on improving a company’s processes and adopting technology can be difficult and frustrating.  If you cannot recruit or if recruiting is too costly, then investing in reducing inefficiencies and adopting technology maybe an alternative to explore.  If you are ready to explore,  call me to discuss your options.

Bob Hall @780 539 2009 / 1 877 539 2808

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