WANTED: Talent Amplifier

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?’

talent 3I know you have heard this before and I am sure you have thought about it.  I came across that question again recently when I was searching the Royal Roads University website for professional development courses.

I didn’t think much of it at the time but later that night while I was totally engaged in the WiL concert at the Demmit Hall – this idea came to me.

It isn’t so much ‘what I would do’ as ‘who I would hire’.

I then found myself thinking about a position for someone to amplify talent.

I remembered that imaginer was crafted by Disney in order to describe the people he hired to create and then turn images into cartoons (engineered them into animations).  And I recalled that organizations are now advertising for and hiring ‘Chief Creative Officers”.

So . . . the Talent Amplifier would be the title.  Quite simply the Talent Amplifier would be the person who would come into the organization to troll for and then amplify talent.  These would be people who are outstanding at what they do and who could be doing way more than what they are currently doing.   I think that is what is happening on The VoiceTM or Canadian IdolTM – the coaches amplify the talent of the contestants.

I actually drafted a job description – it goes something like this:amplifier

Wanted: Talent Amplifier.

Our organization is infused with latent talent that we know is locked in people, place and time.

We seek a person (or team) with the ability to evoke the transformational change that we know will come as a result of unlocking this latent talent.

Come, meet, talk, encourage – draw out the ‘what could be’ in our people so that we can transform people, place and spirit.

We have been constrained by time, place and money.  Come and show us who they are and how we can break free.  Then coach the transformation.

This will be a one-year initiative.  Start date is flexible.  Feel free to make us an offer we can’t refuse.

So . . . this may be one of those ideas that isn’t worth the time it took me to write this blog.  Then again, imagine what could happen if someone with the ability to transform even a handful of people within your organization arrived and did exactly that.

I think it’s worth a try.  It’s exactly what I would do if ‘I knew I could not fail.’

By the way . . . that’s how I stay on the lookout for new ideas.

PS – if you try this . . . . please tell me so I can watch.

One thought on “WANTED: Talent Amplifier

  1. Cheryl King

    Hi, Bruce. great idea–talent amplifier. I see links to capacity building and succession planning. All bottomline to having more trust and confidence in the innate abilities of the people already within the organization and more vision/insight into leveraging the differences of individuals in positive ways to the best advantage. A talent amplifier sees the potential in a person or a group, calls it forth, and povides coaching and support along the way.

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