Practical Innovation

BCCsmallI love innovation, new ideas, new ways of doing things and I really enjoy using unrelated things from different worlds to solve problems. But fundamentally I am a doer and I struggle if I remain too long at the create ideas stage, in fact that is the last thing I am good at. For those of you like me and even for those of you who are the opposite I came across this blog post by Joanna Maxwell called ‘5 Great innovation Questions’. The questions are designed to take the innovation through what I would call a ‘practical’ filter. Questions like “Will the innovation yield a reasonable outcome/result for the amount of work/energy/resources that it will require?” should make you examine the whole picture before you jump in and get it done. The questions should also help you filter out ideas that may be good but the timing is off or they will not generate the specific result you had in mind. Once you have gone through this exercise I suspect either you will have the confidence you need to follow through on the innovation or its time to generate a different idea.

On a slightly different note as a small business owner and an innovator I often find myself in need of information or advice. I see the federal government is now offering a ‘Concierge Service’. It is being billed as the one-stop shop for small business to access government programs and help them understand the R & D support that is available. While I think it is a great idea I was disappointed that no matter what I searched for in Alberta the Centre for Research & Innovation did not come up. Too bad because I feel in Northern Alberta the CRI is our ‘Concierge Service’. I guess the federal government has a way to go yet.

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