On Branding our Communities

YourTownRoger Brooks put on a very provocative presentation on branding our communities and I am sure everything he said could also be applied to businesses. Roger started out telling us we are all on marketing overload and our website needs to be good enough to close the sale, not just interest the buyer. Printed material just doesn’t work anymore. He was pretty direct in his message and he had the examples to back it up. 97 % of Community based advertising is ineffective as we just tune it out. We only had to look at a few examples to understand why… they are all the same. The lesson here is figure out what differentiates you and then market that. These days its all about the experience. In fact that’s what we type into Google when we are looking for something. Roger showed us some excellent examples some from right in our province like; Canmore, St Albert, Devon, Vulcan and a few more. He reminded us slogans and logos are not brands and he had us all laughing when he showed us some entertaining brand tag lines.

As fun as this presentation was this stuff really needs to be taken seriously. Good brands evoke an emotion and in this ever increasing tight labour market the Peace Region needs to figure out what makes us so special. Interesting Roger also warned never use focus groups and never do branding by public consent as the number 1 killer of a branding campaign is local politics. Brands are built on the product and once decided you can’t just talk you really have to walk the walk too.  So I challenge the Peace Region…what’s the experience?

Written on behalf of GPRC CRIThis is the 9th in a series of posts by Janet highlighting the speakers from the 2014 Growing the North Conference.

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