It’s all About Action

ShawnShawn Shewchuk is the author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Results and as a doer I am all about getting it done or ‘results’. This speaker really resonated with me as I wrote down tip after tip as Shawn was talking. Things like the fact; saying you don’t have time is just an excuse and most people have no idea what they want. Really if you ask people what they want they either answer they don’t know or they answer with what they don’t want. Now here is something I never really thought about before – satisfaction is settling. When you really think about it wouldn’t you rather be something great than adequate?

Over and over again Shawn encouraged the audience to take action, take the first step and the rest will follow. He even went so far as to suggest we are conditioned to not do things because we are taught only to get it right.  I really liked his suggestion that the road map to success is planted on the outside of that proverbial box. Shawn suggested your network was equal to your net worth and effective communication was the key. Really none of this stuff is rocket science but it always surprises me how often as Shawn put it, we subscribe to the wrong percentage group (the 95% that struggle to be successful). There are no barriers except the ones we create for ourselves. Triers are liars as you are either going to do something or your not. Perfection is a form of procrastination. Ok, ok I think you probably get it now. This guy was really good and like I said I had quite a list by the time he was done. Shawn suggested most of us are on auto-pilot or asleep and we really need to make a conscious effort to decide ‘is this in alignment with what we want and if not why are we doing it?’ All that remains to be seen is can I achieve the results or am I going to remain on auto-pilot like most of the rest of the population?

Written on behalf of GPRC CRI: This is the third in a series of posts by Janet highlighting her insights on the 2014 Growing the North Conference speakers.

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