Alberta’s Premier

PremierI was really looking forward to listening to what Alison Redford had to say. This lady has a very impressive resume and her ‘results based’ budgeting strategy is something I think is long over due – but difficult to implement. I was listening for a message on innovation from the Premier but she didn’t go into this at all. After reflecting on it I thought back to John McDougall’s Hierarchy of Economics. Perhaps Premier Redford is just putting the foundation in place so as an economy we can take advantage of our innovation and get beyond survival mode. There were some themes in the Premiers speech like the skilled labour shortage, transportation and how market access was important. I understand the necessity of building global relations and appreciate Alberta’s efforts in this area, although judging from my conversations after not everyone thinks as I do. Our Premier is well spoken and it’s always good to have the powers that be recognize the importance of our region.

Written on behalf of GPRC CRIThis is the 4th in a series of posts by Janet highlighting the speakers from the 2014 Growing the North Conference.

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