Focus on Gas

gasMick Dilger, CEO of Pembina Pipeline Corporation started us off with a video on Pembina. He gave us some interesting information that was naturally focused on the North. One thing I found interesting was Mick’s statement that they work hard at only being in the news when they want to be. Something all companies that work in environmentally sensitive areas should strive to do. Still I couldn’t help feeling like the audience for this presentation should have been potential investors.

Peter Howard, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Research Institute was a good speaker and as dry as his subject could have been what he was saying seemed to make sense. His message was interesting, along the lines of go big or go home. His presentation was called LNG  NOW and the message was do it now else forget it. Sounds like first in with liquid natural gas will capture the market which is global and for the rest it will be an uphill battle.

Pat Carlson, CEO of Seven Generation Energy Ltd was the third speaker on the Energy Panel. Self confessed small player with around half of their 50 or so employees in Grande Prairie, never the less their holdings sounded substantial to me. Their focus is the Kakwa River Project. One of the interesting things that Pat shared was how much they expect to pay to the Alberta Government for their share of royalties and taxes from this project. That amount would be enough for the Alberta government to operate on for up to 23 months with nothing else coming in. Wow that doesn’t sound like a small operation to me!

Dick Brown CEO of Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc was the final speaker of the panel. Dick gave us a real good over view of the market for natural gas as a fuel. I found this presentation the most interesting of the panel just because I could see the potential is absolutely huge. I think we all heard about this a few years ago but to actually see something that was forecast so close to fruition is awesome. The problem has been all along a kind of chicken and egg thing. No supply because there is no demand and no demand because there is no supply. It looks like the economics are such that now partners have come together to solve this by tackling both sides at once. The big players such as General Electric and Cummings and of course others are now involved, and even rail companies are piloting engines. I think it’s awesome that a local company is at the heart of this explosion.

Written on behalf of GPRC CRIThis is the 5th in a series of posts by Janet highlighting the speakers from the 2014 Growing the North Conference.

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