The Future of Tech Today

MarcMr. Saltzman started off with a quick recap of the smart phone world and other currently available technology. Even though this stuff is currently available and reasonably priced I still feel like it is straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. it is always amazing to me how wonderful this technology is and how much we can do with it. According to Marc we are in the 3rd stage of technology devices. Stage 1 was made up of digital devices that did one thing. Stage 2 saw one digital device do multiple things. Stage 3 which Marc calls the internet of things is where digital devices not only do multiple things but they talk to each other and really we are still only in the infancy of this technology.

We are also in an era of hyper mobility so its not surprising that Marc’s ‘Top Ten Technologies Worth Getting Excited’ included a few very mobile things. I personally don’t have a car that can park itself but I know they are out there and very soon they are going to be completely driverless. One thing that was interesting about Marc’s top ten was these things was that they weren’t just on someone’s wish list they were all due to be released within the next year or two. That means they have gone from napkin designs to actual prototypes. Take the flying car for instance, these are due to be released as early as next year. Park it in your garage (the wings fold) then drive it to the airport to take off. Pricing is a little steep yet at $279,000 but then I have no idea what a small plane costs.

I would have included 3D printing in the current section of Marc’s presentation but that’s just because I have been involved with the GPRC 3D printer: let me know if you want more info on the 3D Printer. Marc highlighted the fact that soon everyone can have one of these in their home and make whatever they need out of just about any material. Speaking of the home I still think one of the coolest video’s I have seen is the one from Corning that has numerous digital devices on interactive surfaces. Check it out on the Corning website: 

I want to share just one more of the technologies Marc highlighted, domestic robots. Its predicted that we will all have one of these by 2025, which is only 11 years away! Not such a stretch when you realize that there are already robot vacuums that sell for as little as $255. Interesting to note that Google bought 8 different robot companies in December. Judging from this presentation my advice to everyone would be sit back and hold on because you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Written on behalf of GPRC’s CRI: this is the 11th in a series of posts by Janet highlighting the speakers from the 2014 Growing the North Conference.

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