A Time of Change for Innovation in Northwest Alberta

Lets Talk ChangeGRPC Centre for Research & Innovation and its Regional Innovation Network will be growing its range of services. Starting December 1st, I am stepping into the Technology Development Advisor position with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, and will relinquish my role here at GPRC Centre for Research & Innovation as the Innovation Manager.

CRI has had limited resources to tackle the number and breadth of requests it receives on a yearly basis and this move to add a Technology Development Advisor will strengthen and provide a more robust suite of services to existing businesses that are using technology enhancements and innovations to continue to improve their competitiveness.

For innovative newcomers, CRI will encourage them to visit www.THECRI.ca  and the Alberta Government resource website  to learn the fundamentals or ABC’s of innovation.  Once the innovator has defined their idea and ‘how it works’, they are asked to assess their resources and abilities in respect to moving the idea forward.  They are encouraged to contact the CRI Innovation Facilitator to talk about their needs, what their resources or funds they have to invest in, and their abilities to take an idea into the business arena.  They will be supported in developing an action plan that identifies how they can progress.

Some CRI clients that are looking at or using technology to advance their ideas into the marketplace will now have the opportunity to meet with their Technology Development Advisor right here at Centre 2000.  There is an array of programs and services on technology transfer and technology commercialization for entrepreneurs, companies and investors.  The programs and services are targeted at building globally competitive commerce in the province through: facilitating the commercial use of new technologies; development towards new knowledge-based industry clusters; and encouraging the entrepreneurial culture in Alberta.  As the TDA in the region I can help innovators explore how to develop and use technologies faster and smarter.

Northwest Alberta is all about new opportunities and change.  CRI is very much continuing to champion the culture of innovation in the region and the importance of innovation as a regional economic development strategy to grow rural northwest and west central Alberta communities.

New ideas and innovation surrounds us, the challenge is “will you act on your innovative ideas to create new products or services and ultimately new innovative businesses”?

For existing businesses, being open to new ideas and solving problems through being innovative and technology means their business will remain competitive and grow.

To act on your new idea, let CRI help you build your innovation resource team.

Feel free to leave a comment or give CRI a call  780 539 2807/ 1-877-539-2808


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