The Impact of Technology

impactA few months ago I entered into a venture that I had done previously almost 20 years ago. What I found quite interesting was while many things remained the same, the impact that technology had with regards to many of the business processes was astounding. Some of the things that were quite successful back then were at best marginal when repeated today.

There is a lesson there. In this digital age I think we need to reevaluate regularly not only our processes and procedures but perhaps our ideas as well. Are there some activities we are currently undertaking that are better delivered in a different format or by someone else? Do the clients that are contacting the CRI today have the same needs as those who contacted us a few years ago? Or with the amount of information on the internet are innovators finding the information they need through Google or a similar search engine?

Today we can search patent databases ourselves without ever having to contact a patent lawyer. We can also search for our idea on the internet – before we invest time and money only to find out it has already been invented and commercialized.

Unfortunately for many of us our idea is attached to a dream that someday it will make us rich or perhaps even famous. When we begin to act on that dream by searching for it on the internet we risk destroying it when we discover that someone else has already taken our idea to the next step .  For those of you who are courageous enough to do that only to find your dreams shattered perhaps instead it could be viewed as a suggestion to reevaluate that idea. If that idea needs to be discarded it is only so another can take its place.


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