Canadian SMEs Going Global – Is this you?

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Every now and again we run across some very wonderful things to share that our Canadian Government is doing to help our Canadian SMEs.  This is one of them.

If you are looking to do business beyond the border then it is time to investigate the Government of Canada’s CTA program.

Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) provides Canadian technology SMEs with access to entrepreneurial resources and global business opportunities in key global markets through competitive 4-6 month programs delivered by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

At first glance you may think this doesn’t apply to you.  I suggest you take another look.  Ask yourself these questions:

Are you a small to midsized Canadian Company from the (ICT) Information Communication Technologies, Life Sciences or Sustainable Technologies industry?

(If yes, keep reading and answer these 3 questions):


Initial traction in the market?

Differentiated technology?

Potential to scale the business?

If this sounds like your company begin to realize the added benefits of participating in these programs; such as:

Introductions to experienced mentors and advisers

Access to industry leaders, venture capitalists and other key resources

Networking events with potential partners and investors

A soft landing address in key markets, reducing go-to-market risk

Office space among inspired and like-minded global entrepreneurs

The CTA programs offered are individually tailored to your specific local market and industry conditions. Each CTA has flexible capacities, models and application requirements.

There are 2 program models to choose:

In-market: Offer 3 to 6 month in-market experience and an accelerator office space for soft-landing.

Virtual: Offer short term in-market exposure (1-2 weeks) and provide companies access to webinars, mentorship and industry experts to help companies engage in local markets.

Of course, there is an application process. And for further information look to the Government of Canada website, Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. If you are interested you must complete and submit an online application form which are available on the TCS website.

Want to explore a bit further before applying?

Check out these fantastic resources and dig deeper with EDC’s (Export Development Canada) online magazine “Exportwise” and; scan  “CanadaExport” the official magazine of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Services. This online digital offering is teaming with great information ranging from in depth feature articles to ‘Ask the CTS’.

If you are looking outside of Canada to expand your company then the CTA is an excellent opportunity.

Questions?  The Centre for Research & Innovation can be a part of your resource team in growing your business. We can help navigate the government services to connect you to the most appropriate provincial and federal trade officer and export organizations.


One thought on “Canadian SMEs Going Global – Is this you?

  1. Bob Hall

    A major activity in growing a business, is for that company to explore new markets beyond their current sales territory. Global markets can offer excellent opportunities and major challenges. There are resources and pathways to finding the right markets. Getting connected with CRI and to the right trade offices in those markets will be key to growing the business.

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