Patent to License?

April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day.   To celebrate let’s talk about getting your idea to market!  Sounds great, BUT you feel you may not have the experience or the means to get your product to market and you don’t have the required finances, operations or human resources to do so.  Your option?  How about licensing?  Licensing is a great idea if you need to minimize costs yet maximize market protection. Continue reading “Patent to License?”

Is My Idea Good Enough?


As an Innovation Facilitator I am asked that question a lot.  I still find myself thinking “who am I to judge”,  but the Innovator wouldn’t know that.  They have been sitting with this question for some time, unsure if this idea is really feasible, viable, or even patentable. So  I have decided to write this blog to explore some of the common questions I frequently hear from struggling Entrepreneurs and Innovators.  Hopefully it will shed some light on starting the ‘what’s next’ process.  I do not profess to be the ‘all-knowing’ when it comes to the process of commercializing a product; however I am in the unique position of hearing a few of the struggles that can be faced.  Addressing those struggles will be the focus of my Facilitating Innovation blog. Continue reading “Is My Idea Good Enough?”